The Ironbridge Gerge

The Ironbridge Bridge across England’s longest river, the servern, is the world’s first iron bridge. At one time, the surrounding area was a remarkable connection of industrial activity. Today the area under the bridge and on both sides known as the Ironbridge Gorge, is a world heritage site, in recognition of its outstanding importance in the early development of industrialization.

The Ironbridge bridge was built in 1779 and was opened on new year’s day in 1781. It is a testimony of the first large-scale use of iron for structural purposes in the world and a remarkable demonstration of the utility and versatility of iron for construction.
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With a span of 30 meters, the graceful semi-circular arch reached across the gorge of the servern at its narroweast point. The Iron bridge was not only a singular example of new engineering but also a tremendous success. Its symbolic significance was great, not only in Britain but also throughout Europe and United States.

Proper international fame and recognition came with the designation of the Gorge and the bridge as a world Heritage site in 1986. It is the first industrial area to be listed as a World heritage Site. 
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