The Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge.

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 The Jamuna  Bridge

The Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge is one of the biggest bridge in Bangladesh. It has a well known bridge in that country. over the mighty river Jamuna  in Bangladesh is a triumph of modern engineering and technological skills. 4.8 Kilometers long and 18.5 meters wide, this bridge which connects the districts of Tangalil and Sirajgonj is the longest ever in Bangladesh and the eleventh largest in the whole world.

The main bridge was constructed by the hyundai Construction Co. of South Korea. About 15,000 people worked for four years to build this gigantic bridge.The bridge is connected with a 15.3 km approach road on the east and another 14.4 km on the west.It has 50 pillars and 49 spans. Each of its 121 piles has an average depth of 83 meters to guarantee its strength and durability.

The total cost of this huge structure was more than seven hundred million US dollars which came jointly from the Bangladesh Government, the World Bank, the Asian development Bank and Japan. Apart from railway and motorway communication, this multi purpose bridge will also facilitate gas, electricity and telecommunication lines between the two parts of the country.

Really this is the most wonderful bridge in all over the world. This is famous not only Bangladeshi people but also many people of different countries. the visitors come to the place for see the bridge and they very much enjoy to this scenery. the bridge has increasing development day by day. we hope that in future  it will be get a good priority visiting place in Bangladesh.

Image result for The Jamuna Bridge photosImage result for The Jamuna Bridge photosImage result for The Jamuna Bridge photosvImage result for The Jamuna Bridge photos