The Tajmohol, is a wonderful place.

The Tajmohol

It has been over three hundred years since Emperor Shah Jahan of Delhi built the Tajmohol as a tomb for his wife in Agra. Architecturally, it is still one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. 

The building is made of fine white marble with inlays of coloured marble. It has eight eight sides and many open arches. It rests in a platform or terrace of red sandstone. Four slender white towers rise from the corners of the terrace. 

There is a large dome above the center of the building. Around the large dome there are four smallers domes. Just inside the outer walls, there is a open corridor from which visitors can look through carved marble screens into a central room.
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 The bodies of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Begum lie in two grave below this room. The Tajmohol is surrounded by a beautiful garden and there is a long pool stretches out in front of the building.

 One can see the beauty of the Taj Mohol in its reflection in the pool water. Visitors come to see this wonderful building at different times of the since it assumes a different look at different times. Most people like it best on moonlit nights.

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